Hello, my name is Nicolas Bredeche, I am Professeur des Universités (tenured) at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), in Paris, France.

Research topic:

  • I am interested in the mechanisms that allow collective systems to evolve, learn and adapt in open environments. I am concerned both with natural systems (using computer simulations to understand social behaviours) and artificial systems (designing algorithms for collective robotic systems). My research activity is at the crossroad of computer science, biology and robotics.


I am also co-head of the ANDROIDE Master program in computer science at UPMC (Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research, Decision, Interaction, Robotics and Agents).

What's new

  • Sept.2017: Tutorial chair at ECAL 2017 (and proceedings co-editor).
  • Sept.2017: Workshop on evolving physical systems at ECAL 2017 with J. Rieffel, E. Haasdijk, JB. Mouret.
  • July.2017: Workshop on evolving collective behaviors in robotics at GECCO 2017 with E. Haasdijk, A. Prieto and H. Hamman.
  • July.2017: Tutorial on Evolutionary Robotics at GECCO 2017 with S. Doncieux and J-B. Mouret.
  • June.2017: Co-editor of the special issue on evolving physical systems of ALIFE journal (MIT press).
  • Sept.2016: Tutorial chair at PPSN 2016 (co-chair with Carola Doerr), please check call for tutorials (deadline: nov. 18th, 2015).
  • July.2015: Tutorial on Evolutionary Robotics at GECCO 2015 and at ECAL 2015, with S. Doncieux and J-B. Mouret. check website. Tutorial slides for the evolutionary collective robotics part can be downloaded from here.
  • July.2015: Fourth workshop on Evolving Physical Systems at ECAL 2015, with: J. Rieffel (main organizer), J-B. Mouret and E. Haasdijk. website.
  • July.2015: First workshop on Evolving Collective Behaviours for Robotics at GECCO 2015, with A. Prieto and E. Haasdijk. website.
  • January.2015: Work Package leader for dissemination in the European Union’s DREAM project (H2020, 2015-2018) (Coordinator: S. Doncieux). Check website.

older news...

A quick summary of my professional activities:


  • My main research themes is focused on evolutionary computation and complex system, in particular
    • (a) adaptive and self-adaptive collective robotic systems, with a particular emphasis on embodied evolution and swarm robotics (e.g. check my MCMDS 2012 paper);
    • (b) artificial ontogeny such as multi-cellular developmental systems and regulatory networks (e.g. check my IEEE TEC 2011 paper).
  • Environment: In 2012, I joined the AMAC team at UPMC. From 2015-2019, I will be working also on the DREAM project (FET-proactive european project). Before Sept. 2012, I was a associate professor of the TAO team (Machine Learning and Evolutionary Optimization) at INRIA and Université Paris-Sud. From 2008-2012, I was involved in the Symbrion IP european project on swarm and modular robotics, along with biologists, computer scientists and roboticists.
  • Recent and on-going collaborations include works with VUA (Nederlands), BRL (UK), Univ. Graz (Austria), Kyushu Univ. (Japan), ISC (Paris, France), IRIT (Toulouse, France) and of course my previous team and students. You can refer to the publications section for further information on papers, co-authors and other subjects of interests (including Machine Learning and Evolutionary Computation for Embodied Agents, mostly).


  • Since sept. 2012, my teaching is shared between Engineering (mostly Computer Science) and Biology (mostly biomathematics, biostatistics and bioinformatics) at Université Pierre et Marie Curie.
  • from 2003 to 2012, I taught Computer Science at Université Paris-Sud and Polytech Paris-Sud, with a large part of my courses dealing with Machine Learning, Evolutionary Optimization, Autonomous Robotics and Artificial Life.


  • On a local scale: I am co-head of the Master program Androide (Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research, Decision, Interaction, Robotics and Agents). Before 2012, I used to run the Master 2 Recherche Information, Learning and Cognition (M2R IAC At Université Paris-Sud).
  • On a national scale: member of the Association Evolution Artificielle, the French association on Evolutionary Computation and co-organizer of the regular one-day JET workshop on Evolution Computation.
  • On an international scale: various conference program committees and journal reviews, as everybody else. As well as guest editor for several journal issues on evolutionary robotics, guest editor for books (evolutionary robotics, artificial neural networks), workshops organizer (nature-inspired robotics, etc.). I also used to be track chair of the ACM GECCO Evolutionary Robotics / Artificial Life track (2012 and 2013).

My bio, if you are curious.

Contact information

  • e-mail: nicolas.bredeche (at) upmc.fr
  • phone: (please use e-mail)
  • postal adress:
    • Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique
    • Université Pierre et Marie Curie
    • Pyramide - T55/65
    • CC 173 - 4 Place Jussieu
    • 75005 Paris, France
    • directions: click here