Hello, my name is Nicolas Bredeche, I am Professeur des Universités (tenured professor) at the Sorbonne Université, in Paris, France.

Research topic:

  • I am interested in the mechanisms that allow collective systems to evolve, learn and adapt in open environments. I am concerned both with natural systems (using computer simulations to understand social behaviours) and artificial systems (designing algorithms for collective/swarm robotic systems). My research activity is at the crossroad of computer science, biology and robotics.


I am also co-head of the ANDROIDE Master program in computer science at UPMC (Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research, Decision, Interaction, Robotics and Agents).

Coronavirus COVID-19

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What's new

  • Jan.2019: new ANR-funded project on morpho-functional swarm robotics 2019-2022 (partners: ESPCI and ISIR).
  • July.2018: Tutorial on Evolutionary Robotics at GECCO 2017 with S. Doncieux and J-B. Mouret.
  • Sept.2017: Tutorial chair at ECAL 2017 (and proceedings co-editor).
  • Sept.2017: Workshop on evolving physical systems at ECAL 2017 with J. Rieffel, E. Haasdijk, JB. Mouret.
  • July.2017: Workshop on evolving collective behaviors in robotics at GECCO 2017 with E. Haasdijk, A. Prieto and H. Hamman.
  • July.2017: Tutorial on Evolutionary Robotics at GECCO 2017 with S. Doncieux and J-B. Mouret.
  • June.2017: Co-editor of the special issue on evolving physical systems of ALIFE journal (MIT press).

older news...

If you are curious, a short summary of my professional activity is provided here.

Contact information

  • e-mail: nicolas.bredeche (at) sorbonne-universite.fr
  • phone: (please use e-mail)
  • postal adress:
    • Institut des Systèmes Intelligents et de Robotique
    • Sorbonne Université
    • Pyramide - T55/65
    • CC 173 - 4 Place Jussieu
    • 75005 Paris, France
    • directions: click here