Patrick Gallinari

Keywords : Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Physics Aware Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing

I am professor in Computer Science at Sorbonne University in Paris. My research focuses on statistical learning with applications in different fields such as semantic data analysis and complex data modeling. I discovered the ML domain in the mid 80es when I started to work on Neural Networks, an emerging field at that time. I have been one of the pionneers of this research domain in France/ Europe and worked on NN and on other ML models since that. I investigated different application domains like Information Retrieval, Social Data analysis, User Modeling, … Today my main focus is on Physics Aware Deep Learning and on some aspects of Natural Language Processing.

Community service

I have been leading the Machine Learning team MLIA for some years…, I have been director of the computer science lab. at Sorbonne University (LIP6) for 9 years (2005 to 2013) and vice director for 6 years before, I also acted as vice director of the scientific committee of the faculty of engineering at UPMC (2010 to 2021).