Advanced Machine Learning (AMAL)

Master course – As indicated in the title, this is an introductory course in ML with a focus on neural networks a.k.a. deep-learning

The slides are here: AMAL-Slides-part1 part 2 will come later

Reinforcement Learning and Advanced Deep Learning

Master course – This course develops two topics:

  • Reinforcement Learning is taught by O. Sigaud.
  • Advanced Deep Learning taught by myself: introduces exemples of recent developments in Deep Learning. This is complementary to the AMAL course (see above) that introduces basic ML concepts. I mainly develop two topics: generative models (VAEs, GANs, Diffusion models) and Physics-Based Deep Learning i.e. machine learning for scientific computing with an emphasis on the modeling of dynamic systems in physics.

Slides (2023-2024):

Generative Models

AI4Science: Physics-aware Deep Learning