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Apart from the Cogmaster courses, whose content is on moodle, the material of all my courses is accessible from the lab server.

Example of a course given at the Brain, Cognition, Behavior and Technology summerschool, organized by Paul Verschure in Barcelona, in September 2019

Current courses

Since 2021Univ. Paris, Artificial Intelligence for Health Diploma
Course coordinators: S. Allassonnière & G. Assié
Using AI to model human learning behavior and related brain activity (Lecture: 1h + Lab: 2h)
Since 2020Univ. Paris-Saclay (Orsay)Master 2 of Computational Neuro. & Neuro-Engineering
Course coordinator: V. Ego-Stengel
Reinforcement Learning, Neuroscience & Robotics applications (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2020Univ. Paris, Medecine Studies, Behavioral Insights in Medicine Course
Course coordinator: B. Rohaut & C. Lakhlifi
Cognitive illusions and critical thinking (Lecture: 1h30)
Since 2019Univ. Lyon 2Master 2 of Cognitive Sciences
Course coordinator: G. Plancher
Robotic modelling approaches to Cognitive Sciences (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2019AgroParisTech5th year of Engineering school
Course coordinator: N. Darcel
Reinforcement learning and dopamine (Lecture: 3h)
Since 2015Paris Science Lettres (PSL/ENS) / EHESS / Univ. ParisCogMaster
Course coordinators: M. Khamassi & B. Girard
Robotic modelling approaches to Cognitive Sciences (Lectures: 12h + Supervision)
Since 2014Sorbonne University (ex UPMC), Master 2 of Computer Science (ANDROIDE)
Course coordinator: N. Bredèche
Neuro-inspired reinforcement learning (Lecture: 2h + Project supervision)

Past courses

See CV.