Doğan Sinan HALIYO

PhD, habil.

I’m an Associate Professor at ISIR, Sorbonne Université, Paris, where I lead the Multi-Scale Interactions Lab.

My research is broadly about interactivity through different scales of space and time – how to design teleoperated robots in specific situations, and how to let operators perceive what they control through the system. I’ve started working in microrobotics, then made my way up to the Human through teleoperation, haptics, virtual reality and lately Human / Computer Interfaces. I work with a wide panel of researchers; from robotics, psychologists, neuroscientists to biologists in a truly multidisciplinary approach.

I’ve defended my PhD thesis in 2002, on micromanipulation, under the supervision of Stéphane Régnier & Jean-Claude Guinot. I’ve obtained my Habilitat (HDR), entitled ‘Multi-Scale Interactions’ in 2019. My HDR slides can be reached here and they depict the approach that I’ve developed in recent years. See here for a brief CV.